About Us

AFE was founded by a couple who had only just met little less than a year prior to the pandemic.  We had been co-habitating for less than six months prior to lock down.  The pandemic tested the very foundations of our relationship and made two things very clear:  “life is for the living and we were meant to live ours together”.  It was while living through this pressure cooker of stress  isolated from friends and family that we decided to pursue our dreams and passions.  A Designer and a Colourist set out to make something specail and lasting of their lives.   Access For Eaz, the retail arm of our design company was launched.   Fashion, Style and Beauty married to a strong sense of individuality are at the core of our business and shall be the driving forces that move us forward.  We welcome you to join us on this exciting journey  as we expand our offerings both from established brands and original creations designed and developed by us.